Screening is mandatory for all first-time clients. Any information shared will remain strictly confidential and will be deleted upon screening completion.

I encourage all new friends to fill out my booking form.  If you are not comfortable with filling out my booking form, you are more than welcome to email me with a nice introduction and the following information at

  • Your full legal name

  • City and State that you reside in

  • Your age

  • Your handle on P411 or other third party websites

  • The names and contact information of at least two reputable active models whom you have seen in the last 6-12 months.

  • Where you work and your position in the company. A LinkedIn page is appreciated.

  • Preferred time, date, and duration of our time together

  • Preference for meeting at your place, my place or a travel engagement


I am not a store and do not offer any discounts. My rates are non-negotiable and any attempt to ask for a discount or barter with me will result in us never meeting and all communication to cease. 

Please do not ask me for dinner, lunch, to hang out, or any form of "off the clock" time without compensation. I offer dates of various varieties so we can enjoy as much time as possible together. If you are interested in something more exclusive, please inquire about arrangements.

Deposits and Handling

A 30% deposit is required for all touring appointments. The deposit ensures that you are serious about meeting. 

Cancellation fees and deposits for dates, extended dates, and travel companionship will require a deposit via CashApp, Venmo, and/or other methods. 

Digital patronage options will be made available to you upon screening completion.

At your place: please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter at the start of our date. I will excuse myself to quickly freshen up.

At my place: please leave the donation in an unsealed envelop outside the bathroom in plain view and excuse yourself to freshen up. I will not take the donation directly from you.

Meeting in public: please place the donation in a gift bag.


Please do NOT ask me for selfies, unblurred photos, or any other type of personal photos. I strongly value my privacy outside of modeling. 

I understand that your privacy is also important and make it my top priority. Please be assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion.